As the child grows beyond the comforts and warmth of a crib, it needs a bigger bed and the most logical choice of the majority of parents is a twin mattress. The parents may spend some time looking for an appropriate mattress on the Internet or visit some stores before making a final choice. Twin mattresses come in just the right size for growing children and are smaller than standard-sized mattresses. Of course, as far as requirements of comfort and support go, these mattresses are no less than those meant for adults, yet they need to be a bit different to take care of the needs of a growing child. Understanding these requirements enables you to buy just the right mattress for your child. Here are a few factors that should not escape your mind while deciding a twin mattress for your growing child.

What features Should You Look For?

An important feature that you need to bear in mind while buying a twin mattress is the firmness it provides. Like adults, children too need to have a comfortable bed supporting their body, but a firmer bed is considered better. Softer beds tend to sag over a period of time and that’s not a healthy feature for children’s beds especially. Once the mattress develops sag, it’s unable to provide the required spinal alignment, proving unsafe for the child as it could cause restricted breathing.

The other features that you should take into consideration for a twin mattress are the color, material used for its construction and the warranty period. You would naturally prefer going for darker shades while choosing a mattress for children who are likely to have accidental spills on their beds. These are available in very bright colors for children. Moreover, children like to play games and jump over their beds. So, you would do well to look for mattresses offering better warranties. You would also be careful to choose mattresses made from materials that are devoid of harmful chemicals. Some new mattresses come with an offensive smell of chemicals that takes long to disappear. As some children may be sensitive to such odors, care should be taken to look for a mattress with reduced levels of odor-producing chemicals.

Final Note

As a responsible parent, you would certainly take all measures for the child’s continued good health and we know how important a good night’s sleep is to anybody’s health. Providing a comfortable bed that appropriately supports the child is a pleasure not only for the child but also for the parents.