The length of a standard twin size or full-size mattress is 75 inches. For many folks that are long enough. A full XL mattress or will measure 80 inches in length. Now the extra five inches may not seem like much but for someone who is six feet tall or taller, those extra inches can be very beneficial.

Full XL Mattress

In contrast to an extra-long full or twin size mattress, a tall or tall man twin or full size is 84 inches long. That is a full 9 inches longer than a standard mattress and offers the maximum in space and comfort. The same is true when it comes to queen and king size mattresses. The length of the standard queen or king size mattress is 80 inches. Often referred to as a California size, a tall size queen or king mattresses measures 84 inches in length.

The average mattress gives most of us ample room to stretch out and relax. For folks who are on the tall side or just want a little extra room, a tall or extra-long mattress makes a great choice. At a full seven feet, long tall or extra mattresses are affordable, practical and available. Today, many mattress stores do not even offer tall and XL mattresses. Failing to make these sizes available ignores an important need among many consumers.

The first tall mattress I saw was while working for a non-profit furniture project and a local university would occasionally donate surplus furniture. While being lead through a large warehouse, I came across some bedsprings that were clearly longer than a regular spring assembly. Walking a little farther I saw some twin size mattresses that were obviously longer than a standard twin. Curious about why the university would have such long mattresses in its inventory I was given an obvious answer. Some members of the basketball and football teams needed longer mattresses.

Even then it did not occur to me that anyone other than tall athletes would want or need tall or extra-long mattresses. It did not take long before I realized that anyone could benefit from owning a tall or extra-long mattress. Whether you are short, tall or somewhere in between, a tall or extra-long mattress could give you just the right amount of extra room.

Shopping for a Full XL Mattress

Many mattress retailers do not offer tall or extra-long mattress sets. Those retailers that do offer them understand that there is no such thing as a one size fits all mattress. Some retailers will have tall mattresses in stock while others will have them made to your order. Even if you are of average height, having extra leg and head can aid in getting restful sleep. Whether you are considering the purchase of a standard size mattress, extra-long or a tall mattress, it pays to some research before you buy.

Remember that we spend a significant part of our lives in bed so take the time to find a mattress that is right for you. Give the mattresses a test drive much like you would when shopping for a car. Take as much as you need to get on the mattress, paying particular attention to finding the position you sleep in. Just sitting on the mattress is not enough.