Cold Foam Mattress Reviews

The market for foam mattresses is huge, but there are many things on which one should look for when buying. We help you with our foam mattresses test in 2016 to find your perfect cold foam mattress and explain exactly what is really important when buying.

Cold Foam Mattress

Cold Foam Mattress

What is a cold foam mattress?

The term “cold foam mattress” is derived directly from the production process: The mattress core consists namely of a foaming polyurethane, which is cured at very low temperatures. The polyol and isocyanate components are used to prepare the foam, which is absolutely harmless as mattress core health and an optimal suspension behavior has – without integrated springs.

So be caused by a cold foam mattress and no noise when the sleeper moves. But above all, the ability of the surface, quickly retake its original state, characterizes this mattress: The infamous cubicles can not develop that way. The quality offered the foam mattresses varies considerably, with the selection should be paid especially to the possibility of ventilation and the body weight in order to choose the appropriate hardness and achieve the optimum reclining comfort.

What hardness of what weight?

General should buy foam mattresses in hardness H2 for persons up to 70kg, in H3, the person 70 to 120kg should weigh, for every person over 120kg is recommended the hardness H4. If you have any of KG-limits, so as 73kg limits, and prefer to be soft, you should choose the smaller hardness (in this case, H2). Since all online selling mattresses are exchangeable usually go a no risk.

Which slatted is recommended for foam mattresses?

Fundamentally, it can not answer this answer as well as cold foam mattress enormously different from each other. However, is a great advantage that all foam mattresses are suitable for adjustable slats. Make sure when slats on a large number of bars, ideally it should be at least 28 bars, better 42 or more. In addition, the slats should have different relaxation areas. Note on this topic, our slatted test.

What density is good?

The density of states how many kilograms of foam is used per cubic meter in the mattress. The more the better, pay attention here please a density of at least 40, all mattresses including qualitatively no high and it will be an early form dents (formation of depressions). High-quality cold foam mattresses have a density of about RG50, on the market there are many substandard mattresses with density of 35 and less, they are recommended, but not for everyday use! Let tenders where no density is called the finger, these are all mattresses have far too little density.

What height should have the mattress?

Also this point you should consider when buying urgently! Really high quality foam mattresses have a mattress height of at least 17cm. Anything less, you should not buy.

Is a washable cover useful?

A washable makes sense in every way, the on a mattress accumulates over time a lot of sweat and other contaminants on. A high-quality cold foam mattress has a removable cover is washable up to 60 ° C.

How often should I ventilate the mattress?

We recommend the mattress at least 1x to ventilate the month 2-3h. This should in the summer on the balcony or the terrace and in winter the open window pass (only open the window is not enough!). Here, the reference and the sheets of the mattress should be removed. A regular ventilation prevents mold and prolongs the shelf life of your foam mattress. Apply after each ventilation operation to prevent the mattress to eventual formation of depressions. Also observe the care instructions of the manufacturer. Caution: In a few mattresses there is a top and bottom, with all other it does not matter which way is up or down.

My mattress stinks

A certain smell is after delivery always present. Ventilate the mattress is best in the open air for a few hours, the smell is not gone after 2 weeks, contact the manufacturer.

What makes a good foam mattress?

Let us summarize first the above questions, and discuss what makes a good cold foam mattress.

A good cold foam mattress …

  • has a density of at least RG40
  • and is at least 17cm high
  • features a removable and washable cover
  • is purchased in the right for you durometer

There are foam mattresses for less than 100 euros on the market. We know of no known which meets all of these points. In our experience, does a good foam mattress at least 150 Euro, the more expensive models for +250 euro are worth the money as a rule, do this, read through our reviews, which we have tested in foam mattresses Test all. Our tip: Do not skimp when buying mattresses. They lie for years almost every day an average of 8 hours on the mattress. We use hardly any other product every day for as long as a mattress. Spinal damage caused by poor-quality mattresses are not rare, but very painful and lengthy.

Our foam mattresses 2016 reviews

The foam mattresses briefly described below have been proven in our test 2015 outstanding and are all worth a buy recommendation. Consumers should also keep in mind that a quality mattress often costs a little more in the selection. However, it is worth the investment, because we spend at least a third of our lives sleeping.