The orthopedic mattress is a mattress that is intended for individuals who experience chronic back pain. They have great difficulty sleeping and having a restful sleep. Their daily life is strongly impacted. The solution is to opt for a mattress that will provide effective solutions to their problems.

The mattress has been designed to hold the spine straight in the bed. To do this, we must opt for a firm hold to a very firm maintenance.

The orthopedic mattress is also suggested to people who have undergone extensive surgical operations. You will find them mainly in retirement homes or in hospitals. But it is possible to have one at home!

We have tried 6 for you and we share our opinion orthopedic mattress.

N ° 1 – Supreme Well-Being Mattress by Hypnia: Well-being first and foremost

Our opinion: comfort takes precedence over everything. It is an excellent product that we recommend without hesitation.

supreme wellness mattress reviews

This mattress has many advantages. First of all, its orthopedic mattress price is steadily falling. On the occasion of this orthopedic mattress test, we got it with 54% off!

This is a pocket spring mattress. He will have a thickness of 30cm. It’s nice and comfortable. The latest technologies used are remarkable. The mattress is clearly of good quality.

It is available in several sizes. You will find it in one place at 90x190cm, in two-seater format (140x190cm, 160x200cm and 180x200cm). If, however, you have a specific bed base said “made-to-measure”, then be aware that specific sizes are available. You will find them on the product data sheet.

With its memory foam shape, the mattress will ensure total support of the spine and body morphology. The key is to allow alignment of all the ribs of the body. And it works well.

With the 7 comfort zones, the orthopedic mattress will remove all pressure points and allow the body to relax completely. You will not have any more pains. You will have complete nights with a high-quality sleep. It is perfect for people who need an orthopedic mattress.

Excellent back support
7 support zones
A high quality orthopedic mattress

Downside :
Nothing to report

N ° 2 – Cassandre Mattress by DUNLOPILLO:

Our opinion: a remarkable quality. This mattress is very well suited for people who are looking for effective orthopedic support.

mattress cassandre dunlopillo reviews

DUNLOPILLO is a French brand that manufactures and designs all its mattresses in France. This orthopedic mattress has it all. To be clear, you are entitled to 100 nights trial from the date of purchase orthopedic mattress. It is true that the price can be high …

The main strengths of this mattress are three in number. First of all, it’s a perfectly designed mattress for people with fragile backs. He will benefit from an interesting reinforcement at the level of the lumbar ones to offer sleep of good quality.

The mattress has physical attributes that allow it to air out and prevent bacteria from remaining. The Cassandre orthopedic mattress is made of latex which ensures a natural ventilation. There will be no problem at the hygienic level with integrated antibacterial treatments.

The thickness of the orthopedic mattress made in France is 27cm. The support is firm and this is what is needed for people who have a fragile back. The reception of the mattress is very soft. It’s total comfort.

The mattress has a reversibility to be used both in summer and winter.

The orthopedic mattress will benefit from 7 support zones to allow the person to be securely maintained. Tensions will be nothing but bad memories!

Perfect for fragile backs
Anti-mite treatment

Price a little expensive

N ° 3 – 30cm Orthopedic Mattress Simpur Relax by Living Sofa: the choice of Internet users

mattress simpur relax big class reviews

This is one of the best orthopedic mattresses in the guide. It is available in several sizes. They are many and varied, you will have no problem to find yours.

It stands out from the competition because it will benefit from 11 comfort zones. It’s not something common. These benefits are not insignificant.

The mattress will benefit from innovative technology with carbon therapy. This will be small particles that will be there to absorb both moisture and odors. It is a good product that we highly appreciate.

To meet the hygiene standards, this mattress needs anti-mite treatment, but that’s not all. He will have antifungal and antibacterial treatment. These are important criteria because they will prevent the creation of bacteria that can prevent a good quality of sleep.

The foam on the inside is of good quality, not to say very good quality. It has a high density with great ventilation. It is well ventilated and this foam has firm support. This is what is needed for people who are looking for an orthopedic mattress.

The orthopedic mattress has a 5 year warranty and is manufactured in Europe.

Upside :
30cm thick
Soft welcome and firm support
11 comfort zones
Excellent hygiene with several integrated treatments

Downside :
Nothing to report