What Are The Best XL Twin Mattresses ?

Following types of mattresses are in common use varying in dimensions: –

  • · Queen-sized mattresses (60” w x 80” l)
  • · King-sized mattresses (76” w x 80” l)
  • · California-King (72” w x 84 “l)
  • · Full or double (53” w x 75” l)

    XL Twin Mattress
    XL Twin Mattress
  • · Twin (38” w x 75” l)

World-wide mattresses after their production are subjected as a test of their durability to variety of tests including moving a 308 – pound roller 30,000 times to running a 308-pound roller over each one 30,000 times to feign 9 to 10 years of hard use.

Twin mattress reviews (38” x 75”)

Whenever you visit a children’s room, you’ll wish for your children to have a twin mattress in their room. Twin mattress reviews show them to have perfect design dimensions for day beds, hideaways. The twin mattress is expected to be 38” wide which is minimum amount of width required for one person to lie on the mattress every night.


· Width and length of a twin sized mattress are very versatile; itself it allows an adult or a child to sleep very comfortable with enough space on the mattress.

· In smaller rooms and smaller space, where larger and bigger mattresses have less space to get occupied, Twin mattress is the solution.

· If you have two twin mattresses in home and you have been surprised with a guest family requiring a King size mattress, solution lies in the twin mattresses. Simply join the two twin sized mattresses and you get the King-sized mattress. Same can be done by asking your neighbors for an extra twin mattress if they have any.


· When they have good use for kids and single adults, their dark side is their less space for Adults. Twin mattresses have proven to be too small for couples.

· Having length good enough to accommodate kids and single adults, twin mattresses can at times be found less spacious for people with tall height. Even joining two twin mattresses side by side wont serve their purpose. Joining two twin sized mattresses up and down may be one solution, but this aspect is usually taken as a Con.

Choice of mattress type

When we go for shopping a mattress, we may get irritated and hesitate in our choice of new mattresses by a vast variety of options available in the market.

A baseline clue, whatever we choose we don’t have to spend more than 1,000$ for the mattress of our choice.
Twin XL Mattress Dimensions Measures (39″w x 80″l)

Extra Long or Twin XL is known to be the most demanded mattress by colleges for their dorms. It has an extra 5″ length when we put it in comparison to a standard twin sized mattress. considering twin Mattress Reviews One problem of Standard Twin Mattress was its failure to accommodate taller sleepers. Extra-long twin mattress has answered the solution with 80” length.


· Twin XL mattresses unlike King size and Queen size mattress can still fit very comfortably and easily in smaller rooms and less spacious areas as they take minimum required space for placing its 39” width.

· Occupies taller sleepers up to 80” length.


· Width of Extra Long mattresses is still lacking that necessary width to suit the couples to sleep together comfortably.

· At times, these Extra-long mattresses are bit difficult to find.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is made up of polyurethane. Memory foam is usually chosen and liked by buyers who are suffering from back injury or neck injury. It is also liked by the buyers who experience joint pains. One of change and versions of memory foam is latex foam, which is proclaimed to be hypoallergenic.


  • A variation is latex foam, claimed to be hypoallergenic.
  • Characteristics of memory foam twin mattress
  • The best quality of Memory foam is its ability to mold itself as per weight and structure of your body.

It starts softening up when you lie on it, the moment you are up from the foam its springs bring themselves back to their genuine shape. Memory foam reviews show some people complaining about the effort the foam takes to change positions. A few buyers have also complained about it getting hot while sleeping. Keeping this problem in view different variations of memory foam have also came in the market. These have models which have been infused with gel to keep them cool. If you are also worried about off-gassing, then this gel needs to be aired out before first use. cut away detail of an innerspring mattress.

beach house mattress

Mattress Myths

  • Better Beds using Foam Layers
  • Nowadays most of mattresses are coming with top having more foam.

More Coils in a mattress, the better the mattress

These days’ good innerspring mattress models have almost 700 to 900 coils. But the material of coil also makes a difference, it has to be thicker-gauge. There are various types of coil variants which are genetically same. These types include:

  • · Bonnell which is essentially hourglass type
  • · Continuous wire
  • · Pocketed Springs.

Cooler sleep is ensured by gel

Some mattresses have a layer of gel, expected to cause cooling effects on the foam. Research has shown that this isn’t true for the mattress which has gel infused into foam beds. This myth stands true only for the mattresses where gel has been infused into innerspring mattresses. Opposite is the result when gel infusion takes place in foam beds.

Back Sleepers are helped by Extra Lumbar Support

A lot many companies have tried to manufacture lumbar support for helping back sleepers. But research has not shown these lumber support zones to be very effective for the consumers, especially back sleepers.

Shopping Tips to buy mattresses

  • · Lie down the mattress of your choice.
  • · Must put on loose clothes
  • · Put off your shoes
  • · Be very comfortable on the mattress
  • · Ask the salesperson to go away.
  • · Keep lying down for a minimum of 6 to 9 mins.
  • · Spend good enough time in different positions of your sleep.
  • · Checking the mattress in such detail may not be one the options available. In such case return policies, must be checked in deep scrutiny.

Understand the Warranty

Warranty of mattresses can be given up to two decades. It is important to understand what all it covers. In most cases, it covers manufacturing flaws only such as:

  • · Sagging
  • · Loose coil wires
  • · Broken coil wires.